Cover letter template for an internship in marketing

Cover letter template for an internship in marketing

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Nowadays, when applying for a job or internship in any sector, a cover letter to accompany a CV is nearly always required. The objective of the cover letter is to give an overview of yourself; you’re background and strengths as well as your motivations, goals and reasons behind wanting to join a specific company or enterprise.

See also the student CV sample for an internship to get more ideas on what your application should be made of.

When creating a cover letter to accompany an application for an internship in marketing it is important there are a few important steps not to be forgotten.

  • Talk about yourself and your studies and why an internship in marketing would be useful for you.
  • Talk about the genuine interests that you have in marketing and in the company you are applying for.

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Cover letter template for an internship in marketing

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m writing to you to express interest in the possibility of an internship placement in your company.

Currently in my third year of a Bachelor’s course in Business at the University of Gosforth, I have found a genuine interest in marketing thanks to the in depth study taken place during the past two and a half years. Therefore I feel that the possibility to gain valuable experience in a company with a reputation such as that of yours would be the best and most logical step on my road to entering the world of business marketing as a graduate.

Not only the fact that your company is the national leader in its field of marketing consultancy, but its current partnerships with many other famous brands as well as it’s implication in the local area and regional projects, have increased my desire to work with you. Hardworking and industrious with a keen eye for what is trending thanks to my interest in social media, I’m certain that my profile will allow me to optimize any task given to me and work towards the maximisation of message that needs to be given.

Please find enclosed my CV for your perusal and I remain available for an interview by phone or face to face to discuss my application further

Yours faithfully

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