Banking cover letter template

Banking cover letter template

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The banking sector is a big employer in most developed countries. The roles required to keep a bank working are various and numerous from executive officers who oversee the major actions and general direction of the company, all the way down to back office support and administrative workers who look after the day to day jobs of processing requests and inputting data.

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When applying for a position in a bank it is essential that you research the necessary technical and personal skills required and that you emphasise these in the cover letter that will accompany your application. This will immediately show the recruiter that your application is suited to the role. If the position being applied for requires working with customers, mention your ability to satisfy clients and deal with problems in a pleasant and professional manner.

If the role requires analysis of figures and knowledge of a specific market, don’t hesitate to mention your strong organisational and analytical skills as well as any experience that you have in a similar role in your cover letter.

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Cover letter for a job in a bank

Dear Mr Hill,

I would like to apply for the available position of Bank teller at Slinky investments, which you are currently advertising on Having read the job description I am confident that my skills and experiences match perfectly with what you are looking for. I have a keen attention to detail, outstanding customer service skills and approachable.

I have been working in banking for the last 7 years since leaving education. I have gained skills in all banking transactions from withdrawals to deposits, while maintaining excellent customer service skills throughout, even in the most delicate of situations; I have never had any problems maintaining a correct cash drawer with the upmost precision and accuracy. Other skills I have are; extensive cash handling experience, alongside this I have strong record keeping skills and am highly respected and trusted by those I work with and for. I have been recognised by the bank for the pride I take in my work, always making sure that all customers are fully aware of the services that the bank can offer them and advice on those that are best suited to their needs. Even though I have 7 years’ experience I am not the type of person who believes they know everything, I am more than happy to go on training courses to increase my knowledge and further my skill set to not only maintain the high level of services that you provide but also to add to that.

I have gained a high level of empathy through not only my professional career but also from travelling, this is highly important in this position and I am proud to say I have no prejudice when dealing with customers, but saying that, I am also aware and able to deal with situations correctly and follow the correct procedures even if it is going to cause difficulty to the customer.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet you in person to discuss the position further. If you need any further information before an interview please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience. Thank you for taking the time to look over my application, I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yours sincerely.

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