Nursery nurse cover letter example

Nursery nurse cover letter example

Publicated on Jul 21, 2015 - Give your opinion

Working with children can be very demanding as well as being very rewarding and the recruitment process can be very gruelling, with numerous interviews and background checks necessary.

All the more reason to make sure that the cover letter which accompanies your application includes as much important information as possible to enable your application to go as far as possible.

Alongside all the necessary qualifications, skills that are advisable to include are communication, understanding a child’s needs, compassion, adaptability, imagination and strong sense of responsibility.

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Cover letter for a nursery nurse

Dear Mr Oates,

I saw the advertisement in the Evening Post, 23/4/2015, for the position of nursery nurse at Riverside. With my experience and what you are searching for I believe I am the perfect candidate for this position. I really enjoy working with children and love having an impact on a child’s education at this early stage of their life. I have strong empathy and patience which is of importance when working with people of this age and stage of development.

I have worked as a nursery nurse for 16 years now, one of the main attractions to Riverside is the latest report that was published after the last government inspection you had. The development of children at this stage of their life is immensely important and the report shows that this is something that you excel in. The equipment and budget that you have also allows for quality nurture and this is also of importance to me.

As you can see in my attached CV, I have a level 3 NVQ in child care and also specialised in working with children with disabilities, I have worked with children from a few months old up to 4 years old. I pride myself in providing a fun yet safe environment for children to develop, focussing on interaction and the sensorial as key factors.

I have excellent communication skills, regularly meeting with parents to discuss their child and also with external agencies as and when required. I have built strong relationships with my colleagues, children and also parents, being able to discuss even the most delicate of subjects through my compassion and desire to provide the best environment possible. I have learnt over time that though it is important to plan what you will do on a day to day basis, children are unpredictable, therefore making me very adaptable when needed. I am fully aware of the channels needed to go through if there is a child at risk.

Even though I have qualifications I am more than happy to continue learning to develop further should you think that necessary. I would be able to attend an interview at your convenience and for your information should you be interested in taking me on at Riverside I would need to give 4 weeks’ notice to my present employer.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my application.

Yours sincerely.

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