Cover letter for a Graduate Scheme in Banking

Cover letter for a Graduate Scheme in Banking

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A graduate scheme in the banking world is the dream of many students of varying academic backgrounds. The graduate scheme not only allows students to enter the working world in a structured way that will give them all the training and support that they require, but it also offers great prospects for the future and looks good on a CV!

When applying for the graduate scheme, the first thing a recruiter will see is your cover letter, therefore it is vital that you include all of the information and skills that they want to hear. Firstly, your academic background. Most graduate training schemes require a 2:1 degree, occasionally in a related subject and therefore including this in your cover letter will not fail to set the readers mind at ease.

Secondly, due to the popular nature of a graduate scheme, a recruiter will be looking for an applicant that can display skills and qualities that allow them to stand out amongst others, and which are transferrable to the world of banking. Talking about any leadership or decision making positions that you have held, along with times where you have had to work efficiently as part of a team will, therefore, not fail to enhance your application.

Finally, a company in the banking world wants to work with someone that wants to work with them. Therefore, showing that you have a knowledge of the company and what it can bring to you will help put your application in a positive light.

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Example of cover letter for a Graduate Scheme in Banking

Dear Mr Midland,

I would like to express my strong interest in filling the position of Graduate trainee at Bank Harmonious. I saw that you are advertising on the University of Nottingham vacancy website. This position interests me greatly due to the excellent reputation of your graduate training scheme and your commitment to giving new recruits early responsibility.

I first became interested in retail banking during an internship during the second year of my degree. Following this, discussions with my career advisor and through my own research, I have confirmed my belief that this is a career which will enable me to use not only my interest in business and finance, but also use my outstanding skills in working with people, both in an advisory role and a managerial sense.

Throughout my internships, studies and holiday employment, I have gained valuable and necessary skills to prepare me for a career in banking. I work well in a team and have demonstrated on many successful occasions my ability to deal directly with the general public. I understand in great depth the importance of ascertaining the needs of the customer and providing clear and accurate information in relation to those needs, dealing with the customer as an individual and with empathy whilst following the correct procedures to make sure that the need is dealt with correctly. My time as the university hockey team captain also helped me to develop my leadership and directive skills along with my ability to remain positive and calm in difficult situations.

Throughout the projects and assignments of my degree, I have been able to show that I can effectively use statistical analysis, process data and create and use databases. I thoroughly enjoyed my degree, gaining a 2:1 and excelling during many modules, as you can see in further detail in my attached CV. I am available for an interview at your convenience; I look forward to hearing from you and hope to have the opportunity to meet you to further discuss the positive contribution I can make at your bank. Thank you for taking the time to look over my application.

Yours sincerely

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