Cover letter for an Au pair

Cover letter for an Au pair

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Working as an au pair appeals to lots of people as it give you the chance to travel, earn money and sometimes learn a new language. For a family hiring, an au pair has many advantages, but also risks. Therefore it is vital that you get your cover letter right to show the person reading that you are trustworthy and the right person for the job.

It is important to mention, early on, any experience that you have in the field as this will help reassure the reader that you have been able to develop skills and are aware of what it takes to be a good au pair.

A family will also be looking for someone, who is dynamic, energetic and understands the importance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. As the au pair will be primarily employed to look after the children, showing that you can keep them entertained and healthy is vital.

On top of all this, as you will be living with the family and thus will be privy to their private life, showing that you are discreet, trustworthy and respectful of the house rules, will not fail to put your application in a positive light.

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Example of cover letter for an Au pair job

Dear Mr & Mrs Ridgely,

I saw your advertisement in this month’s addition of jobs abroad. So I am writing to you to express my interest in filling this position. I have been working as an Au Pair for the last 3 years in Lyon, France; I have been living with the host family for the duration of my employment. My main responsibilities has been the day-to-day care of 3 young children; aged 4, 6 and 9 years old. I have always been a very mature person and able to handle the energetic and inquisitiveness of young children.

Alongside looking after the children I also had housekeeping duties to do, these included; taking the kids to and from school, coordinating any after-school activities they choose to participate in, such as, sport clubs, music and dance lessons. Buying the household shopping, preparing meals for the children, and maintaining high hygiene standards for the children in the morning and when they got ready for bed. I also kept the house clean and did chores including the ironing and house cleaning.

I am an individual that promotes a healthy lifestyle; I am a sporty person and believe that the children should be kept as active as possible. I am a non-smoker and do not drink. I can provide you with excellent references from my current and previous employers; which will show you I am a hard-working, reliable and trustworthy person.

I have a genuine interest in the well-being of children; I get immense job satisfaction from being able to be a positive influence on their life’s and also being able to keep a family together where the parents have extremely busy professional careers. Due to my passion for this career I don’t get tired easily and do not get stressed with the children, I am a very patient person.

I have a considerable background in working with families, I respect the household rules and habits, I am very discreet and respectful.

If my skills and experience are of interest to you I would be very happy to come over to England for an interview, or I am happy to have an interview over Skype if that is easier for you.

Thank you for taking the time to look over my application and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

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