Cover letter sample Master’s degree

Cover letter sample Master’s degree

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Applying for a position on a Master’s degree course is similar to applying for a job in that, often, an applicant is required to highlight their skills and experiences in the form of a cover letter which will accompany their application.

Indeed, with the world of work and the job market becoming more and more competitive every year, more people are choosing to pursue their studies to a higher level than in the past in the hope that a higher level of education will distinguish their application from others.

When writing the cover letter for a master's degree there are a few key elements not to be forgotten, in order to make your application stand out amongst others.

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Cover letter sample for a master's degree

Dear Admissions Manager,

It is with great pleasure that I submit my application for a Master’s degree in Sports Science at Bridgegate University. I am extremely encouraged to apply for this Master’s due to the fact you have professors Hoy and Furrowbrow conducting the course and offering their expert guidance throughout the course.

I am due to finish my Bachelor’s of sports science at Liverpool University next month, and am extremely excited about continuing my education in the pursuit of a career in this field. During my studies I have worked with respected people in this field such as Tim Stevens and David Johnson, looking at the benefits of mental attitude and conditioning in sport. I was able to work with them in both the training of certain athletes and also in the workshops to create the perfect mind-set to achieve excellence in their chosen sport. These experiences have given me the attributes necessary to complete a Master’s degree and also a perfect fit for this course.

As you can see in further detail from my attached CV I have undertaken many courses and attended many lectures and debates to help enhance my knowledge in this field, during my final year I chose to carry out a survey of 200 athletes, enabling me to carry out statistical analysis on them, the survey was about athletes that chose to use positive mental attitude training and their achievements after against those that didn’t. To process the information I taught myself to set up and use a database, which is now being used by Tim and David for their future work. This project gave me immense satisfaction and I was able to complete this before the dead-line, whilst also maintaining a high level of studying and also part-time work. This project was a big factor in the predicted 1st that I will get for my degree.

I will be available for an interview at any time after the 30/04/2015, as this is when I will be back from volunteering at some lectures in America with Tim and David. I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for taking the time to consider my application.

Yours sincerely.

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