Career break CV sample

Career break CV sample

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After a career break, you’ve decided that you want to go back to work in communications and you’ve found a company that is recruiting. It’s time to send your cover letter and CV, but it is vital that you make your application stand out amongst the others.

Here is a career break CV sample, to help you get started.

It is also possible to see the corresponding career break cover letter example for free. Enjoy!

Create the best CV after a career break possible by making it attractive, easy to read and highlighting your relevant education, skills and experience. Make sure that you haven’t forgotten any vital information and that you are easily contactable.

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Sample of CV after career break

The difficulty when restarting to work after a career break is the fact that there is period of inactivity on your CV. This is why, in this career break CV sample, along with the traditional sections that are presented in a CV, Education and work experience etc., it is important to include a concise introduction to the in which you can show your career objectives but also mention briefly (should you so wish) the reasons behind your career break; starting a family, travelling etc.

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