Career change CV template

Career change CV template

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The job application process is never easy, but when creating a career change CV template there are certain things that you can do to help your CV stand out and retain the attention of recruiters.

Below is a template for a career change CV that will give you some food for thought.

It is also possible to see the corresponding career change cover letter example for free. Enjoy!

When making your CV template for a career change don’t forget that the objective is to sell yourself and show the recruiter that you are the right person for the job. Make it the information relevant, clear and set it out in a logical and easy to follow order. Make sure that the employer knows how to get hold of you and your contact details are clearly visible at the top of your CV.

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Template of CV for career change

This career change CV template, as well as containing the usual information such as education and professional history, also has a few particularities. The ‘Career Objective’ is there to show the recruiter your motivation for changing career paths. In this section try to avoid anything too crass (salary pretentions for example), but rather try and convey a passion for the field and a drive to develop it as well as yourself.

The section ‘Skills’ is also a useful in that in give you the opportunity to highlight any direct skills you have in the field being applied for but also any transferable skills. This is especially useful in a career change CV as it is often unlikely that you have had the opportunity to develop any of the direct job based skills.

Finally as with all CVs, the way you present and order your sections is up to you, but think about what the employer is going to want to see. If your education history is more in line with your new career then maybe it is worthwhile placing this above your less-relevant professional experience.


claire berry
claire berry
Posted on Aug 25, 2016

A great example


Posted on Jul 15, 2016


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