Graduate CV template

Graduate CV template

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Here is a graduate CV template, there are some requisites or rules that must be respected: the CV must be two pages long at most, the font must be an internet friendly one, the use of heavy graphics is not a good idea, and the elements that may corrupt when emailing the CV are to banish.

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The elements of this graduate CV are not so different from a traditional CV: it must include some parts such as a header/CV title, personal statement, qualification description, work history, interest and hobbies, awards and memberships, references, and contact details.

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Qualification description: Researched, planned and authored 12,000 word dissertation on new trends in information sharing via social networks — managed deadlines, liaised with dissertation co-ordinator and developed analytical and research skills by successfully interviewing 10 experts for advice and opinion to inform paper. Findings to be published on online news site Mashable. [...]

Awards and membership of professional bodies: Don’t hide your talents under a bushel here, if you got 100% in your cycling proficiency or grade 6 on the piano, for example, list your achievements. Again, detail the awarding body, the date and the grade, and describe what the award represents. [...]


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