Sales assistant internship CV example

Sales assistant internship CV example

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If you’re applying for an internship as a sales assistant, you’ll need to create a CV and cover letter that will impress.

To see the corresponding sales assistant cover letter example for free, you juste have to click on the link (enjoy!).

When writing a sales assistant CV you are trying to show an employer that you have the skills and personal qualities necessary, and that you are the right person for the job.

Here is an example of a sales assistant internship CV, to give you ideas on how to give your CV an edge over others.

Try to make it clear, well set out and above all relevant and to the job you are applying for. Don’t forget to double check spelling, punctuation and your contact details so the employer can get hold of you easily.

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Example of a sales assistant internship CV

This sales assistant CV begins with a personal profile. This is to give the employer a brief overview of your professional goals and your skills and qualifications. Stay as brief and punchy as possible, and not simply a repetition of your cover letter or large sections of your CV.

This section is followed by what you will find in most CVs; Achievements, Education, professional History etc.

Most of the areas of the sales assistant internship CVare self explanatory and you can present them as you see fit. The Achievements section, however, should contain information that is relevant to the job you are applying for. It’s no use talking about your 200m swimming badge, or your cycling proficiency certificate, if you are applying for a sales position. Include only directly relevant achievements or those which show transferable skills. The above advice is also applicable for the skills section of the sales assistant CV.

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