Student CV template no experience

Student CV template no experience

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You are looking for a job and you want to start writing a cover letter and a killer CV for this job. The thing is you are still a student and you have no professional experience.

See also a cover letter example that can be useful when writing your application, as you are a student with no experience, it could be cool to get a part-time job:

Before starting the redaction of your CV, it is useful to remember that a CV aims at getting a job interview. It has to makes the employer feel like contacting you. It has to be clear, simple, and tailored to your profile and above all to the job you are targeting.

In a CV, it is important to emphasise on your academic background, and your interests. When you have not much experience, it is useful to highlight your skills.

Here, I propose a student CV template to make your CV stand out over other applicants' ones.

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Template of student CV with no experience

In this student CV template with no experience, you can find several parts that correspond to several aspects of your profile.

In details, we can find the career objective, education, honors and affiliations, related experience work experience, and publications. It is clearly an Ivy League student.

Doctor of Philosophy, Microbiology, Expected June 20xx / Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), Blacksburg, VA / Dissertation: Regulation of aerobic gene expression in Escherichia coli / Advisor: Thomas W. Adamson


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