Blood and circulation - Part 1

Blood and circulation - Part 1

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Your blood is carried around your body in tubes called blood vessels. Your heart and blood vessels make up your blood system. They circulate the blood around your body and are often referred to as your circulatory system.

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• Part 1 - Blood

The blood transports oxygen from your lungs to your cells and food from your gut to your cells. It also removes waste chemicals such as; CO2 from your cells to your lungs, and chemicals from your liver to your kidneys. [...]

• Part 2 - Your Circulation

Your heart is at the centre of your blood system and it is your hearts job to pump the blood around your body. The rest of the blood system is made up of two types of tubes called blood vessels. [...]

• Part 3 - Capillaries

Capillaries are the small braches at the end of arteries. They are very narrow and taper as they reach the body cells. A red blood cell can only just squeeze through. [...]

• Part 4 - Double circulation

Your heart is divided into two halves: the right and the left. The blood from either side does not mix. [...]

• Part 5 - Arteries

When your heart muscles contract they force the blood into your arteries. Each beat of the heart pumps the blood along under high pressure. [...]

• Part 6 - Veins

Capillaries join back up to form veins. Veins are wider than arteries and have thinner walls. As a result of this they have lower pressure inside and therefore the blood flow is a lot slower. [...]

• Part 7 - Your Heart

Your heart is nearly all muscle. It is the pump that circulates blood all around your body. It beats 70 times per minute for your whole life. [...]

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