Photosynthesis - Biology - A level

Photosynthesis - Biology - A level

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Through this free course of Biology, we will focus on photosynthesis, especially chloroplasts, the light dependent stage, etc.

Photosynthesis provides the energy and organic compounds required for the survival of virtually all life on our planet, as well as the molecular oxygen necessary for the survival of oxygen consuming organisms.

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The reactions that synthesis glucose (the Calvin Cycle) are located in the Stroma. The light-dependent reactions occur in the Thylakoid. It is there, that the conversion of light energy to chemical energy is initiated. [...]

The light dependent stage

The energised electrons are passed from the reaction centre of Photosystem II (PSII) to an electron transport chain. The electrons lost by PSII are replaced by a process called Photolysis which involves the oxidation of water to release free electrons and oxygen gas – a key by-product of photosynthesis. [...]

Light independent stage-the Calvin Cycle

In the final step, Ribulose, 1,5 bisphosphate is regenerated. For every 5 turns of the cycle 3 molecules of G3P is used to reform 3 molecules of Ribulose, 1,5 bisphosphate. The remaining G3P is used to make glucose, which provides a starting point for the manufacture of other organic compounds such as fatty acids, starch and cellulose. [...]

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