How does DNA control how proteins are made

Published on the Aug 16, 2016 1 year ago by Bert Sclocco - End › Aug 23, 2016 1 year ago
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Hello, I have a question regarding a certain part of by biology lesson. I'd like to know how does DNA control how proteins are made please? 

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Our teacher told us that DNA controls the production of proteins in a cell, but I didn't understand how this is possible. Can someone explain please?

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Freda Dederick
Freda Dederick
Posted on Aug 16, 2016

So, a gene is a section of DNA that contains the instructions for one particular protein, but I think you know that. Cells make proteins by joining amino acids together in a particular order. It is the order of the bases in a gene that tells the cell in what order to put the amino acids together. Each set of three bases codes for one amino acid. These sets of bases are called triplets.

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