Trigonometry series value

Published on the Nov 17, 2016 11 months ago by Thrilok - End › Nov 20, 2016 11 months ago

Homework subject

Find the value of cos(pi/11)*cos(2pi/11)*cos(3pi/11)*cos(4pi/11)*cos(5pi/11)*cos(6pi/11) *cos(7pi/11) *cos(8pi/11)* cos(9pi/11)*cos(10pi/11)*cos(11pi/11)

Homework progress

I tried combining the cos(pi/11) cos (2pi/11)cos(4pi/11) using sin(2^npi/11)/2^n sin(pi/11)

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Posted on Nov 17, 2016

pi is 180 so for the first one. cos(pi/11)=cos(180/11)


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